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                                                                      What E-mails






The e-mails that were leaked to Julian Assange  seems to have lost all but some attention for some strange reason.

Also some call into question the validity

of the same e-mails that cost Donna Brazile  her job. If in fact the e-mails were not true there would be no reason for her resignation, would there?

No there would not. The fact is that Julian Assange has never been proven wrong with anything that has come from Wiki- Leaks and to keep this story and all the other various E-mails in the Podesda e-mails silent is  a criminal act to conspire to cover up crime committed by the highest levels of our government.


The mainstream media has been a willing accomplice in a conspiracy to hide the truth from the American public and should be held accountable for their role in spoon feeding  the American public The FAKE NEWS that they and there puppet masters accuse various Alternative Media venues of being. There is more then enough  evidence to convict Hillary Clinton of Various Criminal acts. I mean the crimes the general public know of are enough in themselves to send her to prison.


Her private unsecured servers that were proven to contain classified documents that even her maid had access to. But lest we all forget that after she was asked to produce the emails on those unsecured servers and all the hard drives she went ahead and had them destroyed, even some with a hammer, That is another criminal act that she seems to be openly smiling about getting away with.


Ask yourself this question if you were to have done what she did being an average American like myself would you have gotten away with it? I think not. Julian Assange is a Hero along with the wonderful people in the intelligence community whom provided him the e-mails so at least some of us who care about our nation could see the deception taking place with our own eyes. So yes, Hillary Clinton and her Criminal acts need to be further investigated and not swept under a rug.


So to any out there in The Justice Dept it is Time you do your Job.

Let us no longer accept the spoon fed lies the mainstream media try to force feed us and poison our minds and infect our choices. We are AMERICANS ,we will no longer accept anything but the truth and yes we have spoken when we voted for Donald J. Trump.


And I am sure there are more e-mails to come and I am almost sure they will contain the real death blow. I hope this has helped arouse the Justifiable anger within you to the point you no longer believe what the mainstream media produces and you find your way to Alternative Media sources. I will provide those sources in the link: Free Resources


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