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Ok The ACLU yes the same group whom defends pedophilia via NAMBLA is complaining over American Airports asking foreigners coming into this country for their social media accounts. Well ACLU, "you are a joke whom defends pedophiles and child murder, and anyone with any true moral values would agree." These people coming here are potential threats to our National Security and should be intensely vetted before being able to come into this country no matter who they are.


Social media has become a tool for Islamist extremest terror communication, so yes they should have to give up a list of any and all social media information. I find it horrifying that the mainstream media will attack what they call fake news and social media will attack what they claim to be fake news but allow Terrorists to continually commune with each other about plotting to harm Americans, while also allowing people to call for the death of Trump while again attacking conservative media outlets. Just so you know All mainstream media and social media venues that try to shut us Conservative alternative media outlets up your days of doing so will soon come to an abrupt and bitter end.


Get on Board the Trump train and stop being leftist puppets because the days of the left brainwashing our American society will soon end. These are not only my views but the views of the many whom love freedom free from terror and immorality. It is time we stop worrying about being politically correct and become morally correct and let go of the fear of offending those with immoral opposing views.


Terrorism is a very real threat that has reached our shores time and time again. And the most popular and effective venue of communication amongst the cowardly murderers has in fact become social media. So this article has been written to hopefully open the eyes ,ears and the hearts of True Freedom loving Americans and all who hold dear to a world free and safe from terrorists and immoral organizations whom openly or discreetly support Terror, child murder and pedophilia to stand up boldly and speak out against these twisted leftist mindsets that have infected our world by desensitizing the masses through what we watch on television and listen to on the radio and shoved into our minds through the current anti- GOD anti-CHRIST educational systems that poison the minds of our youth.


Thus creating a generation of safe-space immoral zombies whom can easily be manipulated to riot in the streets burning down their own neighborhoods while claiming they are doing it to create a better future. All the while social media is playing into the hands of monsters like George Soros who openly fund terrorist organizations like black lives matter whom have done zero for the betterment of civil rights in our society. So I ask this final question?


Should we allow social media to attack Alternative conservative media or should we call on them to attack known terrorists and those calling for murders and assassinations . I am a firm believer in the constitution and will die to defend it but at what cost must we allow social media venues to allow terrorism while attacking those with opposing views of the leftist liberal agenda? These are my thoughts as to what should be in the headlines now.


                                                                                   May GOD Bless You all In Jesus Name , Riccardo L. Williams The NRAGT         Return Home


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