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Obama is a moron and  so are John Mccain and Lindsey Graham in calling for stronger sanctions against Russia for their supposed role in the hacking fiasco.

With zero evidence given to the American people we must sit back and wonder what these leftist libatard, globalist, Immoral swamp creatures will do next. It is clear to see what the real agenda behind this Russian hacking lie is all about, because it is unjustifiable for the Obummer Administration to set out on the course of action that they have. Trying to start a war before Trump gets in .The Russian hacking lie is no different than any other lie that this current administration has spoon fed the general public. We have all seen and heard many spoon fed lies come out of the  White House in the past 16 years and we the people must choose not to fall victim to fake news anymore. Remember George W. Bush and the supposed weapons of mass destruction  lie used to attack Iraq? This is no different.  And even if they did hack Podesda all we got was the truth as to how corrupt Hillary and the DNC really are. What a bombshell. Obama fails to clarify how he with American tax dollars tried to oust Benjamin Netanyahu in march of 2015. Oops bet he didn't want that one out there but it's the truth. What Hypocrisy. Never the less the mainstream media continues the attempt of undermining Trumps landslide victory by propagating this Russian hack garbage. Like Trump wouldn't have won either way.

It is time for the DNC  to pack it up because their reign of tyranny is about to come to an end.  All i can say is question everything for fall for anything.   


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