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Obama's 56 page Essay


Obama writes a 56 page pile of excrement claiming that Criminal Justice needs to be reformed. I agree that reformation is something that is desperately needed in the criminal justice system. But he also continues on with his poor me minority rhetoric in such a statement as "We cannot deny the legacy of racism that continues to drive inequality in how the justice system is experienced by so many Americans,".


And yet this injustice he speaks of is clearly an outright smack in the face to the police, prosecuting attorneys, and Judges all appointed by the people. And he brags about how he let more people out of prison than any of his predecessors combined. He claims that drug offenders and non violent  criminals should not be hit with such hard sentences.


That is another thing that I can agree with. I believe that there are some drug offenders that can be treated. But giving out pardons like they are candy to drug dealers is another story.  Why was White Boy Rick not released then. Maybe just maybe the name White Boy never crossed Obama's mind while throwing his proud pardon party. Or maybe it never came across his desk. This essay about reform seems to only target minorities while leaving the rest of America paying reparations so to speak. But that is the libatart left mindset to make the world feel bad for people who chose to break the law in this Great Nation.


Maybe this essay on reform is more of a way for Obama to make himself feel better about all the CRIMES he and his administration have committed.

What I mean is that maybe he thinks that when his time to sit in the hot seat comes America will look back on how many people he cut loose and how unjust he believes the system is that We The People will give him a break along with his minions.


Obama Americans are not as needy and ignorant as you would like to believe. And you claim injustice all the while your love child ISIS is murdering people across the globe. And look at all the injustice you have brought on this Nation with all your Illegal executive orders.

Obama is always playing the race card to incite division and then blaming the incoming Trump Administration for all the problems we face.


Obama's 56 pages of EXCREMENT is nothing more than a way to neurologically mind rape the American people in an attempt  to some how save what he claims is a wonderful and amazing legacy. But we all know the truth. Obama has only a tarnished name and will be leaving office with nothing more than an legacy of failures, treason and lies.


On a more personal note I would like to say this. " Obama please stop it. Nothing you can say or do will make what you have done to this country any better. Just leave, go , scurry along, get out.


                                                                                       May GOD Bless You all In Jesus Name , Riccardo L. Williams The NRAGT              Return Home


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