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                  The Obama legacy of failures,treason and lies Pt 2

But then we find out that neither Kerry or Obama have been honest at all to the American people. They openly stand against Israel and stand up for Islamic extremists in everything they say and do. First they create ISIS and then watch them grow, and as a loving parent would they nurture their little one and watch as it matures in to the Satanic force it is now.


They made sure as good parents would that their child never went without. They fed them intelligence for that I am sure and  clothed them with weapons and gave them the rearing up they needed  by training them in warfare to do the will of their father Big daddy Obama.


But now it is very clear the cat is out of the bag and they are finally being seem for who and what they really are. Thus it is up to the incoming Administration and their new Attorney General to pursue all the evidence that is clearly out in the open and who knows what other skeletons they may have in  hidden in their closet. I guess only time will tell.


I am sure ISIS has made their parents so proud being as effective as they are killing so many Innocent people leaving  nothing but a trail of brutally murdered Christians ,men, women and children all because they refuse to submit to their Islamic theology.


The warming of Obama and his administrations hearts I am sure is overwhelming knowing that their little bundle of terror, hate and violence has not given in even through all that has been done to stop them or should I say the lack thereof at least by the Obummer Administration.


And Now the John Kerry audio comes to light as sure fire incriminating evidence that "should be" an open and shut case resulting in the imprisonment of almost all of the current swamp creatures infesting the White House and even some members of congress and maybe even US supreme court members.

But my own personal views on the US Supreme Court and how that house of cards will fall is something that I will express at a later date.


But we must wait and see just how far down the rabbit hole all this internal corruption goes. Nothing would warm my heart and the heart of many Americans to see all the DC swamp monsters behind bars. Only time will tell. And if indictments are in the near future as they should be, will Obama pardon Hillary, Kerry and himself before anything is done about the treasonous crimes that have been committed against the United States and the rest of the world?


As of now I am sure Obama is wondering how to spin this into a positive thing so that his beautiful legacy of failures, treason and lies looks like a wonderfully wrapped package. But the truth of the matter that pretty package contains a deadly viper that's bite has been felt all around the world.


So whats next? Maybe a false flag attack, a shut down of the power grid, a dirty nuke set off in a populated area so they can blame Russia for something else they never did? What is truly going on should arouse the justifiable anger of all Freedom loving Americans and all those whom have suffered at the hands of Obama and his birthed and controlled ISIS.


We can only hope and pray that When Donald  J. Trump takes the sacred oath office that he and Russian President Vladimir Putin will do as they agreed upon and eradicate ISIS and Islamic Extremism entirely. We cannot afford to be politically correct in what must be said and done to keep this nation and the rest of the world safe and secure from the demonic forces Obama and his minions conjured straight from the pit of hell.


Now this I will say to end this article, "May justice be served to all those involved and may they be punished according to their crimes in accordance with the laws of our Great Nation


                                                                                                 May GOD Bless You all In Jesus Name , Riccardo L. Williams The NRAGT              Return Home

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The legacy continues with the leaked audio giving life to everything  previously stated in Part one  of "The Obama legacy of failures, treason and lies." Secretary of State John Kerry whom recently verbally assaulted Israel through his statements made in his openly biased speech against Israels right to hold all of it's borders.


Claiming that they can either be a Jewish State or a democracy but not both. What in the world was he thinking on making such an outright evil statement against a nation who has been our friend and ally since their miraculous return.

ISIS Fighters with US Weapons


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