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It seems as though the left is at it again complaining about not being able to get a job in the new Trump Administration.

After all the hateful and venomous lies and slander they have openly spoken against President Trump they now cry about not being able to work with him. That is freaking hilarious.


 Why would Trump even allow such people to even get that close to him? It seems to me that would be a major security risk. Maybe it's just me but to allow them anywhere near Trump would be foolish. Nothing the safe space left has said would in any means qualify them for a any position in the White House.


On top of all else this has been an election year unlike any other and nothing about it was typical.

Seeing as that the DNC used the mainstream media as a weapon against Donald J. Trump and that same weapon propelled him directly into the White House. As of January 20th 2017 America changed for the better.


Now the liberal safe space left can't seem to deal with the fact that their globalist puppet is not going to be their puppet master and have taken to rioting and crying hysterically in the streets. Maybe they will succeed in their urban development program, burning down buildings, lighting limos on fire, busting bank windows because they couldn't get a loan because welfare does not count as a reliable source of credit.


And now there are what seems to be millions of feminists taken to the streets in a supposed protest over womens rights. The only right they are worried about is the right to murder babies. I am so happy the Fed is no longer going to fund planned parenthood. If a woman wants to murder an unborn baby she should pay for it herself. Tax payers should not be liable to cover butchering babies.


And on top of all else CNN, all day January 20th 2017 kept on about how Trumps speech was hateful and claimed that he  should have said this or he should have said that. And They complained that he didn't change at all. Well they are right he did not change and thank GOD for it. And MSNBC called his Speech Hitlarian. I guess to love your nation enough to put it first is anti Semitic or to tell the truth is something that Hitler would do.


All the while another low life reporter from CNN goes on to say while covering the Armed services ball that Trump needs to forget about the past and move forward. I bet thats exactly what CNN wants, but Donald Trump is no fool and only a fool would forget all that CNN and many other mainstream media sewage outlets have said and done.


But instead of making a real attempt to make things right with him they still go out of their way to paint him dark.

I guess they are going to ride their sinking ship all the way to the bottom.  Thats cool with me though because people don't need the brainwashing that comes from The MSM


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