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          Morality In America

In todays technological boom we have seen many wonderful innovations that have done our society a great deal of good. But on the other side of that same spectrum we have witnessed mass deception by the mainstream media using the  great innovations of today against humanity.


who choose to take the moral high road and refuse to listen to the political correctness that has been spoon fed to us via the mainstream media telling us that homosexual behaviors are normal and that people are just born that way. Or that if your not happy with the gender you were born with you don't have to accept that and can go to the doctor and get a nip and a tuck and poof your now a male or a female.


The people that take the moral high road understand that people are born with a sin nature and that if unchecked through the Shed Blood of Jesus Christ sin will manifest itself in many ways. The moral high road people know that the devil goes about like a roaring lion seeking whom he may devour. And  that  the devil comes to steal kill and destroy. This is clearly evident with society in America and around the world.


It can be seen in families with husbands that cheat on their wives or wives that cheat on their husbands, children that disobey there parents, families torn apart by addictions such as drugs, alcohol, pornography, gambling and the list goes on and on. Unchecked sin can be seen when you watch the news that is filled with rape, murder, kidnapping, theft, carjackings and terrorism.


But The mainstream media refuses to offer the truth and what can be done to stop this. Even Churches in this day and age will refuse to touch on subjects of morality due to fear of breaching their 501c3 contract and status with the US government all in order to gain tax exempt status thus selling out for what seems to be 30 pieces of silver. Sound familiar? Judas sold Jesus out for financial gain.


And most local churches have sold the true message of CHRIST for the same. The true Assembly of GOD'S people need to rise up and be what GOD has called us to be. We have been called to be the Moral Standard by being the salt of the earth, a light on the hill to boldly proclaim the Good News that Jesus has come and has paid the penalty for our sins by dying on The Cross and has Risen from the dead to fulfill what was promised from the beginning.


For GOD so loved the world that He gave His only begotten Son that whoever believes in Him will have everlasting life. And if we the confess our sins He is faithful and just to Forgive us our sins and cleanse us from all unrighteousness. But in todays immoral society we are told there is no hope outside of ourselves if any hope at all. And those of us that proclaim this hope are silenced by political correctness and 501c3.


I am including a link to the IRS website on 501c3 so you all can see for yourselves what type of enslavement and gag order the majority of churches have signed onto just to save money and to make tax free money at the congregations expense. The Christian Church has been able to speak on biblical morals as long as it does not lead to speaking out at abortion clinics or rallying for a Christian Candidate with Christian morals and values within the Church because the Church leadership knows that it would be in violation of it's 501c3 contract with the IRS and thus they would lose there tax exempt status and the 30 pieces of silver that they sold out for would go bye bye.


 And some food for thought on 501c3 The catholic Church does not have it so why do we. Here is the link for the 501c3. Another sign of sin and immorality in America is suicide. Suicide is the leading cause of death amongst Gay and Lesbian youth nationally. 30% of Gay youth attempt suicide near the age of 15. Gays and Lesbians are two to six times more likely to commit suicide than Heterosexuals.


 Almost half of the Gay and Lesbian teens state they have attempted suicide more than once. It has been conservatively estimated that 1,500 Gay and Lesbian youth commit suicide every year. I am not posting this part of the story to pick on the LGBTQ community but just to clarify what unchecked sin can lead to. I can't even imagine the confusion and depression one feels while questioning their sexuality or even their gender. But it is sin.


All suicide is unpardonable because it is taking a gift and denying that GOD can help you in whatever situation you face thus denying His Saving Grace and thus denying  GOD Himself. Which in the end is the blasphemy of The Holy Spirit point blank. The devil has been hard at work throughout the world but he has been hitting America the hardest because this nation was created to spread the Gospel of Salvation Through the Life, Death and Resurrection of Jesus Christ .


Satan has attacked this nation through leftist views and demonic agendas twisting good for evil and evil for good. It is clear from the changing of network names of such a channel as The Family Channel changing it's name to freeform presenting shows where sinful relationships are glorified like the fosters.


No wonder they changed their name from family to freeform , the true family institution has been wiped out and made to seem like it's no longer normal for a man and woman to fall in love and get married and have children together, while they slowly pluck out moral relationships and replace them with male with male and female with female ones and promote these shows as family friendly all the while brainwashing the masses to be happy and accept this as the new normal while shaking their fists at GOD in willful defiance to  His Will and plan for our lives.


No wonder our youth is so confused in this day and age. GOD has almost been completely expelled from our everyday lives through all these politically correct agendas brought to you in part by George Soros and all his leftist puppets put in place to turn this nation into a satanist playground. Knowingly or unknowingly multiple politicians and celebrity activists have been used to promote evil and make it seem like a beautiful  positive thing and masses have fallen for it for way to long.


But the true problem is not all these unsaved, ungodly people it is the Church and it's unwillingness to step outside the comfort zone of it's four walls and boldly Proclaim Jesus  Christ and His Message of  Salvation through Him alone.  The Church carries a big responsibility and cannot fulfill those inside a building. There is this thing called The Great Commission and it was not a request asked of us by Jesus it was a command.


What I say now is that Morality in America has declined due to the Churches inability to be brutally honest with the unsaved out of fear of reprisal in the court systems, 501c3 and pure laziness. Remember Jesus said if they hated me they would also hate you. But that did not stop Jesus nor thee Apostles from hitting the streets and spreading the Good News even though they were beaten and even killed for it. They went out fearlessly and  no matter what happened they knew they may die here but they would wake up in the presence of The LORD.


The true Body of Christ must stand up and Join the ranks in the Army Of GOD.  The Church is at fault for all this mess we have been in not the unsaved. It's time we strap on our boots, put on our grownup pants and do what we are called to do. That my friends is How you make America Moral Again.


                                             May GOD Bless You all In Jesus Name , Riccardo L. Williams The NRAGT          Return Home


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