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Justin Bieber, I mean Megyn Kelly, Well  who really knows with these gender bending hair cuts . But yes the snake in the grass Megyn Kelly whom has done an excellent job at Journalistic fraud and one of Fox's top puppets is leaving Fox to spread her lies on NBC.  Megyn Kelly whom brought you the fake news that Trump would never win and whom also made sure she was openly biased at the GOP Presidential debate by verbally attacking Trump. But what she refused to comment on is that while preparing to verbally attack Trump earlier in the day is that she became very ill to the point that at the debate she had a blanket over her legs and a bucket ready for her just in case she needed to vomit. Kind of like Hillary Clinton collapsing after verbally attacking  Trump.  It seems that anyone who tries to attack  Trump falls down in way or another. Hillary flat out fell while Megyn Kelly took a hit on her paycheck .  I wonder what wonderful lies we will be fed while she utilizes her many positions on NBC. But I am sure she is used to all these different positions being the media harlot she is. The liberal left NBC must be overjoyed that their little lust puppet is going to be infecting people with her media std 's on a broader range with more positions to fill on their network to more efficiently rape minds of the American people. Things are looking bright for her at the moment but  as the rest of this evil empire that has been built on lies and deception it's  soon to fall off the wall and never be put back together again.


May GOD Bless You all In Jesus Name , Riccardo L. Williams The NRAGT


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