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Mexico panics as Jobs Return to The USA

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Mexico in a panic over Job's leaving the country. As Mexico has played a major role in employment rates crashing like the stock market  in 2008. It is now clear to see that The Trump effect is in what seems to be high gear  due to the fact that red tape is going to be cut and with taxes here in the US set to be lowered substantially it seems that all the naysayers and Trump haters will be all but dying from asphyxiation chocking on their never Trump hateful rhetoric .  Thats of course unless your CNN  who seems to think that Americans are ignorant uneducated morons that are not smart enough to fill the new found employment positions that will soon be open to fill.  But thats OK,  No one really cares what CNN has to say anyways.  Well at least those of us with a non libatard mindset. But yes Mexico is set to lose 3,600 jobs as of now and with any luck the numbers will rise. Though I am sure the libatard left will try to say it is awful that we are leaving so many unemployed.  But  always remember it was the left that gave our jobs to Mexico and other various countries. Let Mexico panic.  I mean what have they truly offered us in trade anyhow other than swamping our country with drugs ,crime and the endless swarm of illegal immigration.  The Trump Hammer Of GOD is here and This Nation will see major changes  for the better. Though there will be some who try to stop real progress calling it politically incorrect or insensitive. But the only ones who will stand against Trump are the brainwashed safe-space left. With all this winning how can the libatards still be whining. But anyhow. Jobs, Jobs , Jobs, Win ,Win, Win .


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