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We have seen first hand the mainstream media who is supposed to be unbiased in their journalistic professionalism which they have clearly shown that they have been undoubtedly biased in  this recent election. And they became more so biased when they realized that the criminal they were promoting just took an epic beating on election night.


These same people that bring you the trash they call news all but had a stroke that wonderful evening when Donald J. Trump won by a landslide. But now they continue in there attempt at disinformation through this Russian hacking lie Promoting it as truth while providing zero evidence to back this claim up.


The Globalists are using the mainstream media as a weapon against nationalism and all who support a safe America with borders. See they want to enslave your mind because if they can control your mind they then have total control over the population and no one to stand against them.


That is why they continue this bombardment of misleading and flat out lies so those that are uninformed will follow suit with there plan to take over the nation and give up it's sovereignty to the United Nations  which in truth was  created for the final purpose of forming a global government with one leader of the entire planet earth.


What I am saying may seem outrageous and even like Christian fiction from a Tim LaHaye Jerry Jenkins series. But the fact is that it is the truth and this is why the globalists are fighting so hard against Donald J. Trump. Thats because he  stands for and promotes a sovereign and globalist free America where Christians don't have to fear being sued or attacked for living out their faith in business and any other means of being a Christian.


The globalist puppets in the mainstream media would have you to believe that this Nation is no longer A Christian one and so they promote all kinds of immoral activities which I will go more into in my Morality in America section of this site. But needless to say that their attempts to enslave the minds of the masses has worked with some but with others we know the truth and will not be bound in the satanic globalist chains.


So as inauguration day approaches may we be reminded of what true freedom really is. We witnessed real freedom on election night when we broke through the many walls that were built and enforced by the left to enslave us into a one way thought process, where Hillary Clinton had no chance of losing and all the polls said so.


Well that was according to CNN and all those other lame-stream media sewage outlets spewing forth excrement and selling it as a t-bone steak. I had to watch CNN that night because I knew that GOD was with Trump  and he was going to win, thus I sat back in constant prayer  watching John Kings hand shake while pointing at the map and that wonderfully delusional Van Jones  try to play the race card.


All the while enjoying the way these lying "unbiased" swamp creature reporters where in a state of panic and horrified at the fact that their puppet master just took a landslide of a beating, thus proving human waste produced over a toilet has more validity then anything coming from the mainstream media.


                                                                      May GOD Bless You all In Jesus Name ,  Riccardo L. Williams The NRAGT            Return Home

In todays technological boom we have seen many wonderful innovations that have done our society a great deal of good. But on the other side of that same spectrum we have witnessed mass deception by the mainstream media using the  great innovations of today against humanity.


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