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Celebrities calling for a month of resistance against President Elect Donald Trump. Such losers as Rosie O'Donnell, Debra Messing and Micheal Shannon are just  some of the leftist puppets flushing  their  careers  down the toilet. And I could not be happier because if you stand against GODS Anointed you will take a hit. Just look at Macy's and all the other swamp creatures that have resisted The Trump Of GOD.  Hit after hit after hit. But I am kind of glad that these people are openly declaring war on the Trump Administration because it just means these minion puppet celebs will soon be gone. But either way The Trump Effect is in Full throttle and nothing any ignorant brainwashed leftist can do will stop Donald J. Trump. As hard as they may try and already have,  just like those before them they will fail. They can play there music and have their dog and pony shows and most likely charge people  to watch as they parade around half naked promoting immorality and various other types sins  all because they are satanic in heart and care nothing for this Great  United States of America. I am sure Rosie O'Donnell will have many horrific lies to spew forth from her sewage projector that some would call a mouth .

And Debra Messing from the sodomy based sitcom  [ Will and Grace ] I am sure will be speaking dirty little lies but I honestly don't believe Americans will fall for this fiasco. Well at least the intelligent ones won't.  Again this is just another soon to be failed attempt by the Globalist left to remain in power.


Lets watch them fail together.


May GOD Bless You all In Jesus Name , Riccardo L. Williams The NRAGT

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