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Oversight Committee Chairman: Investigation into Hillary's Emails still on.

So what does this actually mean? Could it be that justice may be served and Hillary Clinton will be charged, convicted and tossed into prison where she belongs. Only time will tell. But she is a criminal whom needs nothing less than to be brought to justice. As Trey Gowdy said you cant pick and choose which laws you want to follow because that would lead to anarchy. But that is exactly what the George Soros controlled democrat party are trying to accomplish. Order out of chaos. To create mass hysteria and watch as the population lose control, riot in the streets and destroy public property. Then here come the order via Martial Law and a police state. Now I have nothing against The Men and Women in law enforcement I love and respect them. But the Globalist elite want to use them for their own sick and twisted agendas. . as you can clearly see Hillary seems to think she is above the law and whats to stop others from doing the same. If they can break the law why can't we? Well some of us respect the law unlike Hillary and Obama. But soon they will all have to face reality. Have fun in Prison Hillary


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