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                           This is an end-times story that almost happened.

Executive Order: New World Order

Hello my fellow citizens of the New World Order. I would  like to thank you for allowing me to pass executive order after executive order  with no authority but my own.


You have played a crucial role in my rise to power and now that I am your globalist master in this district through the financial backing of George Soros , whom now is your supreme leader, has granted me the authority to free this world of those whom desire sovereignty with the military might of the United Nations Peace Keeping Forces.


We will be rooting out any and all who stand against us with there constitutional rhetoric, claiming that this great globalist utopia is of Satan. The views of these extremists are of a harmful and hateful nature. They do not want to seek progress but they choose still to seek their BIBLE  and refuse to join is in this global peace. So I have given the order to send in massive strike teams to root out and kill these terrorists


These so called Christians would have you to believe that there is only one way to true global unity and that is through their supposed Messiah Jesus Christ. You cannot convince this group of people that the true power of unity and peace is in us and given to us by our Supreme leader George Soros.


They deny his divinity while claiming there is only one way to be saved but as you can see beside those who refuse to tolerate our unity and peace in this Global Community One World Order we are thriving like never before all thanks to George Soros and his amazing miraculous power to feed the nations of the world and single handedly engineered and saw to it that we became a border free world with nothing to get in our way of This new World Order.


Yes people had to sacrifice themselves willingly for the purpose of sustainment and the continuation of our way of life. This planet could no longer bare the weight of all the over population and pollution that was caused by so many people and thus over a 5 billion people agreed to save future generations to go to our peaceful dreams facilities and were gently given back to Mother earth by their own will.


There are those out there that claim they were taken by night through a color coded system where red , blue and yellow stickers were placed on a part of there residence were red meant death camps, blue meant there was a possibility that they could be re-educated but unlikely and to be terminated as the red list citizens and then the yellow list was supposed to be for those who where not a threat.


 But of course this is a silly notion brought forth by none other than The Christian terrorists that want nothing to do with out tolerance and unified peace. So if they will not go along with us than they can run and flea for their very lives and not be able to buy, sell or trade because they clearly will not accept The mark of Soros .


I your globalist master of this district vow to serve you the best I can and that means I must ask you if you know any who may be a Christian please call tour local Betterment Of Humanity office and turn them in. You will be rewarded. Please be aware they are very crafty and will have you look at what may seem to be prophetic messages of what we are doing and are very good at manipulation to make you think what they believe is true.


If you have The Mark of Soros you will not be effected by the lies they try to spread.   So I proudly urge to to head to your Soros center so that you can take part in all that this utopia has to offer by getting what is as simple as I shot in your right hand or your forehead. It will protect you from the Cristian infection and will offer you wonderful opportunities to live out your dreams and most intimate fantasies. You can have it all with a shot and the click of a button.


Why would you want it another way. It's safe and fun. But there is a deadline for those wanting the Mark of Soros to come forward.  The punishment for not having the mark is of course no buying , selling or trading in our wonderful utopia but if caught without it after the deadline is death by guillotine in live on TV.


But I am sure those of you whom have not been infected by the Christian virus will be at your local Soros center for your very own Mark of Soros .


A warning to those of you who refuse to conform to our globalist ways of thinking, you may have ignored common core in your public schools and realized 1+1 did not equal 50 and maybe you realized that the mainstream media was owned by 6 families who have given total authority to us globalist elites to control and make up the news as we go to fulfill our agenda and bring us to this wonderful point of slave and master.


Maybe You could see right through it all but many have not and are now our willful puppets doing our bidding and making sure you are left with no hope in any GOD outside of u whom rule the masses .

You Christians are a threat to what we globalists truly are and that is why we work so hard at destroying you.


You Christians are the only true resistance we globalists face with any power and we will do anything we can to keep you from seeing that in yourself even setting up our own Churches that preach some truth fabricated with  lies so you will worry about becoming rich all the while paying into our pockets because we are in control  of your pastors through our 501c3 that they willingly signed on for.


We globalists will do everything we can to silence you Christians from getting in our way and we have done a good job of it for many years. because if we can change your way of thinking we can control you.  But as your Globalist master I order you to keep this a secret from those who are still undecided as to whom they will serve.

I order you not to inform the lost that Hope is real in Christ alone. We globalists want nothing more than the lost to stay that way and have no hope..


I Riccardo L. Williams wrote this short story as a way to help all see what very well could have happened if GOD had not answered the prayers of many through Donald J. Trump who has clearly ruffled the scaled wings of the demons he faced during the long and tedious campaign and election process .


Things could have gotten ugly but if GOD be for us who dare be against us.


                                                                    May GOD Bless You all In Jesus Name , Riccardo L. Williams The NRAGT          Return Home



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