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This Just in,

An obvious coup is taking place against President Elect Donald J. Trump via the Obama Administration using the mainstream media as it's own personal outlet to spew it's venomous agenda to anyone still not wise enough to realize that most mainstream media outlets are full of lies and deception.


They have been promoting such events as the one that will take place in front of Vice President elect Mike Pence home where a group of liberal homosexuals will be having a dance party in protest of The Trump Presidency.

This coup runs deeper than just the various events that will be taking place on inauguration day in a fruitless attempt to undermine and  delegitimize Trump Presidency.


The CIA has been said to have their own plans to do what they can to stop Trump. Multiple forms of disinformation have been used and will continue to be used against the American Peoples choice for President because the Globalist elites are in fear they will lose control over The United States of America and thus there puppets crimes will be exposed thus exposing their own.


What is hidden in darkness will always come to light so they may as well accept the fact that their time has come and now it will be time for true Justice. Let's lock them all up.


May GOD Bless You all In Jesus Name , Riccardo L. Williams The NRAGT

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