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During a Historic press conference with President Elect Donald J. Trump, Jim Acosta of CNN rudely continued to interrupt a reporter that was asking Donald J. Trump a question, claiming that Trump was attacking CNN. Trump responded by at first saying to Mr. Acosta "Your being rude" But CNN reporter Jim Acosta continued his rude interruptions and what happened next was epic. Donald J. Trump responded to Acosta with a clear statement "No I will not take your question YOUR FAKE NEWS" Trump also stated that Acosta's news organization was Terrible. Yes CNN is fake news and the American people have had enough at least those of us who have common scene. CNN is the same network that continued to state that there was no way for Donald J. Trump to reach the magic number of 270. And many fake polls came from the fake news network CNN. and lest we forget Donna Brazile. No Trump did not reach the magic number 270 He reached the landslide number 306. Thank you CNN for showing your true colors time and again as to how fake you really are. And to Van Jones you are a race baiting bottom feeder.

May GOD Bless You all In Jesus Name , Riccardo L. Williams The NRAGT

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