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Clinton Foundation Still under FBI Investigation


If that would have been anyone of us "non connected Americans" we would have been sent to gitmo and given the black site treatment. So for even once to think that something huge was not at all in any of those emails or on Antony Wieners laptop would be to believe that the moon is made of ice cream.


Though it is a fact that classified documents were transferred through an unsecured server that could have been captured by a novice hacker at any time during the transference of the classified information and plucked right out of the air like a lightning bug being trapped in a jar. And yet Hillary Clinton walks free and clear of any charges as of now.


And then we find out that The Clinton Foundation is involved with the play for pay scheme. I wonder if Huma Abedin , Clintons state side Saudi connection and her ties to Islamic Extremest groups  has anything to do with the massive influx of the Sharia Law agenda in the United States and how deep does this play for pay go down the rabbit hole. I would say go ask Alice but the role of Alice in this story is the devils girlfriend Hillary Clinton.


I am sure that the Clinton foundation has done many horrific things just ask the Haitian people as to how the Clinton foundation helped them out. Kidnapping and murder seems like a great help. And using a disaster to funnel illegal funds through. Just like the mafia laundered money through casinos.


Who was there on the ground actually helping these people? It was not Hillary Clinton or the Clinton Foundation that is a fact.  The Billionaire Gary Heavin was there though. Yes spending his own money to help the people of Haiti and using his own plan to Medi-Vac people who needed treatment. Because the UN said they could not.


Where was Hillary and slick Willy? Well I bet I know where Billy boy was. He was probably in bed with a Haitian prostitute or raping some unsuspecting girl. But That is not a fact. What is a fact is that they did nothing to help other than to help themselves capitalize off of a horrible disaster that took countless lives promoting the Clinton name and foundation which bares that name, Lobbying for dollars while people are dying all around them.


I am sure that if one really wants to dig deep that they will find the true heart of evil within the Clinton foundation and that is it being used as a tool to get the Clintons rich while selling out our country to Islam and any other group, organization or nation willing to pay into the oversized Clinton piggy bank.


I find it funny that 2 days before the election that the FBI said that they had found nothing. Seems funny that over 650,000 emails could be combed through throughly from the time they announced they had them to the time they said they found nothing. They claimed they used software but how could that make up for real man power. Keyword software is flawed to the core and thus men and woman should have been on that case personally reading them.


But hey maybe just maybe they stopped the investigation publicly for a reason?

I as a freedom loving and true justice loving American would like to believe that it was swept under a rug for only brief moment of time so a True American could get into office and handle it corruption free.


Free of Loretta Lynch and a corrupted justice department, free of Nancy Pelosi  and the rest of the crooked corrupt swamp creatures that will soon lose the swamp they have turned Washington DC into. Yes it is sad that it has all come down to this but one thing is for certain and that is real change is on the way. So please just hold on it's going to get better because GOD has stepped in on a personal level Through Donald John Trump.


But again is the Clinton foundation still under investigation? Well from what little is said it is hard to be sure. But from what is out there for the general population to read it seems as if it may be an ongoing investigation and will be brought to the light again when Donald Trump takes office or soon after. That is the best I can do for now basing anything of this fiasco on real facts. When more is available I will be sure to bring it to you in detail.


 Also a fact is they never once said the case was closed after the second batch of emails through Wieners laptop and they haven't even begun to investigate the Podesda emails via Wiki Leaks . So Stay up beat all those who chanted along with me at or watching Trump Rallies "Lock  her up" because its not over until the lady in the pants suit pays for her criminal activities.  And I will say this so all know where I stand on this matter. "Lock Her Up!!!!!" These are my thoughts as to what should be in the headlines now.


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Is the Clinton foundation still under investigation? That is a question that has all but been swept under the rug. And what is being done about the over 650,000 emails that were taken from Anthony Wieners laptop. What was really found on the hard drive of Wieners computer.


Were there  nude underage children ,were there emails containing evidence of human trafficking , were there some of the emails that Hillary had destroyed when ordered to turn them over to a congressional committee?


The truth is she even went as far as to have some of the devices that contained emails off of a private unsecured server to be destroyed with a hammer. I don't know about you but that to

me sounds as if someone had something to hide.


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