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       Christians Under Fire

How could America allow this overseas and most importantly here in the USA ? Well it's because the liberal left wants nothing more then to get rid of GOD altogether and will do anything to see this twisted ant-GOD anti-CHRIST agenda fulfilled. This includes allowing ISIS to murder and kill Christians throughout the globe, hence why Obama and his administration do nothing to stop them. It seems the Obama administration is working with them through his actions.


It is clear through doing next to nothing to stand up for Christianity that the soon to be former President Barak H. Obama has been working with and funding ISIS through the deal with IRAN and money given to the Muslim brotherhood whom openly supports Islamic extremist terrorism and standing up openly against Christian morals and values. In fact this current administration has all but openly stated that they worship Satan and

                                                            hate CHRIST. They have ordered bombs dropped on the same people fighting against ISIS thus enabling

                               and empowering the Islamic State.


                                                            Allowing such bills to be passed that allow for the destruction of the

                                                            true family institution. One Man and one Woman married in Holy matrimony has become almost irrelevant

                                                            in todays politically incorrect leftist safe space society.


                                                            Christians are being murdered throughout the globe,

                                                            all the while nothing is being done through our government to stop that from happening. As a matter of fact

                                                            the Christian Church is under attack here in the USA.


                                                            Groups like the evil ACLU and Planned Parenthood,

                                                            promote child murder and pedophilia while attacking Christians whom bring their values to their own

                                                            businesses because they refuse to commit treason against their LORD and GOD and His commands.


Proving once again good has become evil and evil has become good in the eyes of the brainwashed liberal left. Atheists claim they do not believe in GOD and yet when they see a cross on a tree or a nativity scene they throw a child like fit and run to the ACLU in order to file a lawsuit at an attempt to force Christians to bend to their will and remove any signs that GOD exists.


If they do not believe in GOD what harm can a Cross or a nativity scene do. Christians in America have been all but forced into underground churches due to the evil satanic agendas and those that fund these anti-GOD anti-CHRIST organizations. People like George Soros and Hillary Clinton have played major roles in the downfall of our Christian western society.


All we have to do is look at the nightly news to get a real hardcore glimpse into the future of  the Christian church in the United States of America if something is not done quickly. I believe that is the main reason that Donald Trump won in an epic landslide on election day. Many conservative Christians like myself feel that Donald Trump is a long awaited answer to many, many prayers for GODLY leadership, a leader that will serve the Will of GOD [The GOD of The BIBLE].


 And thus far it is clear he is doing an amazing job and he is not even in office yet. So only time will tell. But Christians have been under fire for over 2000 years but never on the shores of this great USA. But persecution slowly came creeping in on this side of the ocean and has become more and more obvious with all the law suits, the attack on traditional marriage, trans-gender bathroom polices and so much more. We as the church must realize why and how it got this way in this nation.


As I stated in my Morality in America article it is not the unsaved that allowed this to happen here, it is the church that is responsible for accepting all the immorality being shoved in our eyes and ears by not standing up and speaking out as the Body of Christ . But you can give your local churches a big thank you for signing a gag order called 501c3 that keeps the church as a whole silent when it comes to matters of politics and activism.


And if you think about it, if the Pastors of local churches could speak of who is for or against conservative morals and values it would have helped get GODLY leadership in office and thus we would have never seen the horrible verdicts by the US supreme court that left Christians more vulnerable then ever to the attacks we have been facing in this Nation in the recent years.


Now what I say next is a call to action on behalf of churches all over the USA, stop selling your souls for 30 pieces of silver with your 501c3 status and quit pimping the flock. Do you think for once that Jesus had a tax exempt organization. No he told others to pay their taxes. So why would any church think that it's Christian at all to make a deal with the devil via the IRS to save money at the cost of not being able to speak against evil as a church and live out the the true Christian faith in totality.


The devil has been very crafty as can clearly be seen with 501c3. Time to rid ourselves of these shackles that have caused the downfall of this once great Christian nation. We must rise up and fear not because the Great Soul Harvest is fast approaching. When Trump steps in I believe things will get better but it's always darkest before the dawn and when you are weeding out evil the evil always seems to put up a fight and I am sure it will be vanquished as far as illegal immigrant criminals and terrorism but will go out kicking and screaming.


But again we the body of Christ must step up our ground game and hit the streets with the Good News of Salvation through Jesus Christ and Him Crucified. The Message of The Cross will always be an offence to those that are perishing but to those who willing to listen and open their hearts to the truth it is the greatest gift they will ever receive. I ask all of you to pray for the persecuted church throughout the world  and pray that GOD give you the urge to hit the streets and fulfill The Great Commission. Well these are my thoughts based on facts.


                                                                                  May GOD Bless you all in Jesus name, Riccardo L. Williams,NRAGT                   Return Home 


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