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           About The NRAGT

I am Riccardo L. Williams Owner, Creator and Founder of The National Resistance Against Globalist Tyranny and I am happy to say that This website is only part one of greater things to come. I created this site to encourage all freedom loving Americans to renew your patriotism and to bring you the truth with my own opinions grounded in facts. This Nation we all love has fallen for lies and deception for many years. I have sat back and watched as faith, hope and love has been trampled upon by immoral globalist agendas infecting our great western society and culture through the leftist controlled mainstream media and immoral  television programming that has not only poisoned the minds of our youth but has done the same to adults and I have had enough. I am a GOD fearing Jesus loving Bible believing Christian who could stand on the sidelines no longer while this Nation and the rest of the world was being spoon fed lies through globalist monsters such as George Soros , Hillary Clinton and many others that have been handed positions of power to accomplish evil satanic agendas to destroy our Countries moral fabric while demonizing those who stand up against the leftist agendas calling us hate mongers and extremists. All the while the left funds true terrorist extremists. This is a site dedicated to American Patriotism but first and foremost The Gospel of Jesus Christ and his Shed Blood on the cross for our sins. This site is also an inspired work and I would like to thank Alex Jones and all those at and Gary Franchi of Jim Beckwith for his End Time Prophecy Reports . These wonderful sources of Real News has and will continue to be crucial in opening the eyes of many who were once blind to the truth. The mainstream media is full of lies and deceit and will lead you right off a cliff so to speak and that is why this site and organization exists. There is no 501c3 involved in this because I don't need the IRS telling me what I can say and what I cannot. This site will openly stand against planned parenthood , the ACLU and will promote GODLY leaders  Like Donald J. Trump and Mike Pence. This site is still a work in progress due to the fact I am a one man army right now. But Hopefully more GOD fearing Freedom Loving Americans will get on board and help support this cause. I believe with GOD'S blessing and your help in the near future this site will have live broadcasts and family friendly programming that Promote Christian Patriotism in a way that will enrich the minds of our youth and adults alike. And know that you Mr. and Mrs. America can help out with any contributions be it financial or your skills and talents whatever it may be. Prayers are always welcome and so are prayer requests. If you know anyone with video equipment willing to donate it for a good cause that is another way you can help. I have nothing to offer any of you other than the truth at least at the moment. I am hoping to have shirts made and coffee mugs and key chains and such for supporters but that is very costly so is keeping this site Online but I know it is worth it. Again if you My fellow Americans and anyone else knows anyone who may be able to help please let me know on the contact  page. May GOD Bless you all and may GOD continue to bless America in Jesus Name.


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