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Liberty or Enslavement

Morality In America

E-mails Via WikiLeaks?

The e-mails that were leaked to Julian Assange  seems to have lost all but some attention for some strange reason.

Also some call into question the validity

of the same e-mails that cost Donna Brazile  her job. If in fact the e-mails were not true there would be no reason for her resignation, would there?....... Continue Story    

Liberty or Enslavement

In todays technological boom we have seen many wonderful innovations that have done our society a great deal of good. But on the other side of that same spectrum we have witnessed mass deception by the mainstream media using the  great innovations of today against humanity. ..... Continue Story

Morality in America

First off I will ask the question, what is morality? In the minds of some  as long as your not murdering or raping anyone anything goes. And in the minds of others  it goes a lot further than that. There are some of us  ....... Continue Story


This Just in,

I would like to thank any and all who stood by me and I am sorry that this site has not been updated as I would have liked it to be. I have been attacked multiple times by those who stand against America. There has been internal coup against me and this site and it has made it almost impossible to keep this site going the way it should be and thus I will be temporarily on standby and hopefully back on again but the fight will continue and again I am sorry. For those of you who wish to dis associate yourselves from this site I do not hold it against you. I still love you and I am not giving up I am just unable to financially keep up with what must be done at the moment due to all the attacks that I am facing. Again I love you all

May GOD Bless You all In Jesus Name , Riccardo L. Williams The NRAGT

    CHRISTIANS Under Fire

How could America allow this overseas and most importantly here in the USA ? Well it's because the liberal left wants nothing more then to get rid of GOD altogether and will do anything to see this twisted ant-GOD anti-CHRIST agenda fulfilled. This includes allowing ISIS to murder and kill Christians throughout the globe, hence why Obama and his administration do nothing to stop them. It seems the Obama administration is working with them through his actions....... Continue Story

              Brother Jim Beckwith's

   End times Prophecy Reports and News


 The Trump Prophecy


  This is a end-times  story that almost happened

Executive Order: New World Order

Hello my fellow citizens of the New World Order. I would  like to thank you for allowing me to pass executive order after executive order  with no authority but my own. You have played a crucial role in my rise to power and now that I am your globalist master in this district through the financial backing of George Soros , whom now is your supreme leader, has granted me the authority to free this world of those whom desire sovereignty with the military might of the United Nations Peace Keeping Forces. We will be rooting out any and all who stand against us with there constitutional rhetoric, claiming that this great globalist utopia is of Satan. The views of these extremists are of a harmful and hateful nature. They do not want to seek progress but they choose still to seek their BIBLE  and refuse to join is in this global peace. So I have given the order to send in massive strike teams to root out and kill these terrorists...... Contiune Story

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